Strengthening Digital Optimization, Nuon Introduces Collaboration with Searce

Tentang Nuon / 29 Nov 2023

The digital transformation has become a necessity for the advancement of the company. Improving efficiency, boosting productivity, and adapting to rapid changes are key to maintaining competitiveness. To achieve this progress, collaboration among various stakeholders is a crucial step that can expedite the digitization process. Nuon Digital Indonesia (Nuon), in collaboration with Searce, engages in this collaborative effort to support the acceleration of the digitization process, strengthening Nuon's product services.

Held at Artotel in Central Jakarta last Wednesday (25/10), Nuon and Searce conducted a media roundtable discussion. Represented by Aris Sudewo, CEO of Nuon Digital Indonesia, who served as the spokesperson in the discussion, Nuon discussed the innovations and digitization initiatives underway in Nuon's product services, aiming to become a leader in the digital lifestyle industry. Not alone in this endeavor, Searce, represented by Benedikta Satya, Country Director of Searce in Indonesia, also outlined its contributions as Nuon's collaborator in advancing the digitization strategy with enhanced security and scalability.

The collaboration between Nuon and Searce has resulted in a 99% improvement in Nuon's business performance and the delivery of microservices to clients three times faster. This achievement allows Nuon to focus on responding to the market more effectively, implementing a market strategy supported by agile, flexible, and measurable information technology services.

The created collaboration is poised to bring about positive changes through digitization. In an unpredictable environment, digital transformation is becoming increasingly crucial, and collaboration is the right step toward a smarter and more efficient future. Moving forward, Nuon will continue to develop the local digital ecosystem by offering quality digital content and entertainment.


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